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About Us

- Miranda Hargrave, Owner -

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has already shown enormous support for Miss Havisham's! I have always been an avid reader and had a dream to one day open a bookshop. I have lived in North Yorkshire for over 20 years after falling in love with the beauty of the Dales. My two daughters have grown up in this wholesome environment and every day I think how lucky we are. I have been privileged to meet some fantastic children and families through my work, and this has been a major factor in my decision to create a magical safe space for the community to access the wonders of reading in an affordable way and for children to delve into a world of imaginative play.

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What we strive to achieve 

Miss Havisham's is a book shop exploring the world of the Arts with a Dickensian feel for adults and a magical play space for children. I believe in the Arts as a positive outlet for promoting mental health and well-being and for people to explore their potential. Come and escape for a while in poetry corner where you can sit and compose poems or thoughts, with a gallery wall if you are happy to share them with others. 

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